A "Nursery"
for artists

a training ground for those working in culture and art

Abandoned for several years, the « Chapelle des Feuillants » is now threatened. Two hundred years after the foundation stone was laid, it is urgent that the renovation of this 19th century architectural jewel be started as soon as possible, beginning with the roof.

Save the Chapel,
take action on behalf of culture!

1000 m2

Roof to be renovated

810 m

Floor area

29 m

Transept length

36 m

Nave length

22 m

Height under the dome


stained-glass windows


working months

The Feuillants Talents

The "Chant des Feuillants" wants to support artists (singers, comedians, musicians, painters, sculptors, etc…) in expressing their talents and abilities.

This "nursery" for artists will fit in the "Chapelle des Feuillants", which offers excellent acoustic properties, providing a unique experience for artists and spectators.

This project will help develop cultural events in Poitiers, while making it available for large numbers of people.

It is particularly important to the « Chant des Feuillants » to support those who wish to strike out and often feel alone. Singers, musicians, comedians, painters, sculptors and many others will have at their disposal a true training ground in a unique framework, supporting and promoting them in their field of artistic expression.

The association will offer to the general public an outstanding site, allowing them to get as close as possible to these artists who touch people’s hearts with their talents.

Supporting performing arts

Supporting new projects

Promoting artistic creation

Taking part in promoting artists

Our artists need you!

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Le Chant des Feuillants

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