Le Chant
des Feuillants

The "Chant des Feuillants" Association intends to take part in the safeguarding, transmission, and development of our cultural heritage by converting the "Chapelle des Feuillants", a 19th century masterpiece and registered building of the French National Heritage, located in Poitiers, the "city of a hundred steeples", into a cultural and artistic center.

The major cultural problem of our time is to make the greatest works of art accessible to as many people as possible.

Our Missions


Participating in the renovation and the creation of an outstanding place for the artists and their audience


Offering Poitiers a place steeped in history that promotes culture and art

Our values

Cultural Heritage Protection

Art and Culture



The Association brings a strong message of rebirth.

Thanks to the renovation of its building, the Chapel of the Sacred Heart will be made accessible to the public again, in order to foster the sharing of culture and art heritage.

Cultural heritage protection, art and culture, transmission, and sharing are values that are at the heart of this project to rebuild a place of culture exchange. “Le Chant des Feuillants” is intended to encourage human exchange so that people can gather together to share their common love for art and culture.

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Le Chant des Feuillants

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