Franck Ferrand : « The Chapelle des Feuillants, neoclassical and spectacular »

He is with Stéphane Bern, the specialist of history on French national television. Native of Poitiers, Franck Ferrand, television and radio host, discovered not long ago the “Chapelle des Feuillants” in Poitiers.

« This is a place I was totally unaware of. This is a quite spectacular neoclassical chapel. Built in 1829, it was part of a convent, then of a retirement home and was left abandoned for at least a decade. It was forgotten until its new owner was charmed by the building and decided to restore it thanks to crowdfunding. Her project with the “Chant des Feuillants” Association aims at turning this chapel into a cultural place geared towards music and performing arts, where people will have the opportunity to deliver their knowledge. She called me, because she knew I came from Poitiers, and so I discovered this chapel, which will be opened to the public during the French “Heritage Days”. Its volume, its decoration, its setting in the middle of the downtown area, are worth the travel. People will see in it an architectural example of the “French Restauration” period, with beautiful stained-glass windows. But its history is yet to come. »

Aujourd’hui en France – Faits divers – samedi 15 septembre 2018

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